How to View Module Positions in Joomla

When you want to use a new template for your Joomla website, it is helpful to be able to view the module positions provided by the template. The same is true when you are creating a Joomla template, it helps a lot to be able to view the module positions you have created so far. This tutorial will teach you how to do so.

1. Log in to the dashboard of your Joomla website.

2. Go to System > Global Configuration > Templates.

3. Look for Preview Module Positions and click on the Enabled button right next to it.

Joomla 3 System > Global Configuration > Templates

4. Click on the Save button.

5. Go to Extensions > Templates > Styles.

6. Look for the template that you want to preview and click on the eye icon right beside it.

Joomla 3 Extensions > Templates > Styles

7. A window will pop up displaying the module positions available for the template.

Joomla 3 Module Positions Preview

8. When you are done, go back to System > Global Configuration > Templates and set Preview Module Positions back to Disabled. After which, click on the Save button.