How to Schedule Contents in Drupal 8

Scheduling contents in Drupal 8 for publishing at a later date requires the installation of the Scheduler module. The Scheduler module does not come with the Drupal standard package and you have to install it after you have installed the Drupal core software. This tutorial will walk you through the Scheduler module installation and content scheduling.

1. Go to the webpage for the Scheduler module.

Drupal Scheduler Module

2. Scroll down the page to the Downloads section and copy the link for the Scheduler module compressed file.

Drupal Scheduler Module

3. Go to Extend in the Drupal dashboard and click on the Install new module button. If the button is missing on the page, you can try to access the complete page directly at /admin/modules/install.

Drupal Extend Page

4. The Install new module page will appear. Paste the link from Step 2 into the field underneath Install from a URL. After which, click on the Install button.

Drupal Install New Module Page

5. When the installation is complete, look for the subheading Next steps toward the bottom of the page and then click on the Enable newly added modules link below it.

Drupal - Enable newly added modules

6. You will be brought back to the Extend page. Scroll down the page to the subheading Other and tick the checkbox for the Scheduler module. After which, click on the Install button.

Drupal Scheduler Module

7. Go to Structure in the Drupal dashboard to configure the Scheduler module. Click on Content Types.

Drupal Content Types

8. The Content Types page will appear. You will find the Manage fields column to the right of the page.

Drupal Content Types Manage Fields

9. Click on the arrow pointing down next to the Manage fields for Article. A dropdown list will appear. Choose Edit.

Drupal Content Types Manage Fields

10. The Edit Article content type page will appear. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on Scheduler.

Drupal Scheduler Module

11. Tick the checkbox for Enable scheduled publishing for this content type underneath the Publishing section.

Drupal Scheduler Module

When you tick the checkbox, more options will appear. Tick the checkboxes for the options that you want the module to do.

  • Change content creation time to match the scheduled publish time
  • Require scheduled publishing
  • Create a new revision on publishing

If you click Advanced Options, it will give you further options to choose from.

  • Display an error message – do not allow dates in the past
  • Publish the content immediately after saving
  • Schedule the content for publication on the next cron run

The Unpublishing section is for content types that you want to “expire” after they were published for some period of time. You can experiment with it.

12. Click on the Save content type button.

13. To schedule an article, go to Content in the Drupal dashboard. The Content page will appear.

Drupal Add Content

14. Click on Add content. The Add content page will appear.

Drupal Add Content

15. Select Article. The Create article page will appear.

Drupal Create Article

16. You will find the Scheduling Options section to the right of the page.

Drupal Scheduling Options