How to Fix the Missed Schedule Error in WordPress

WordPress is the leading Content Management System on the internet. Web designers like it because it is extremely customizable and the availability of documentation and tutorials online about WordPress functionalities seems endless. Writers love it because of its user-friendly dashboard and very easy installation process. People from non-technical backgrounds can easily install WordPress on their website and start publishing content online right away.

But there is a hiccup. While WordPress offers the functionality to schedule the publishing of an article online before a target date, there are times that failure happens. Some scheduled articles do not get posted online on time. It is because just like other pieces of software, certain features of WordPress rely on some factors to function properly. Scheduled publishing relies on your server and WordPress has no direct access to it. So, as a response, WordPress created a special type of cron jobs that is triggered when somebody visits your website. And if nobody visits your website at a time when you have a schedule article that is supposed to get published? The article will not get posted and a missed schedule message will appear next to the article.

So, what should you do to have your scheduled articles posted online even if you have no website visitor at that time? Well, there is a workaround. Plugins to the rescue!

You can choose between two plugins to install and activate. Whenever there is a website visitor, Scheduled Post Trigger checks for scheduled posts and publishes those that have been missed right away. WP Missed Schedule checks the website every 15 minutes for any unpublished scheduled posts. WP Missed Schedule, however, is no longer available for download at the WordPress plugin repository. But it can be downloaded from GitHub.