How to Install WordPress via Softaculous

WordPress is number one Content Management System on the internet. It started as a blogging platform and then grew into a full-fledged Content Management System. Now, WordPress dominates the CMS market; more than 60% of the websites using CMS are powered by WordPress. This tutorial will teach you how to install WordPress using Softaculous, a piece of software available in cPanel.

1. Go to the cPanel for your hosting account.

2. Scroll down the page to the subheading SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER. Look for WordPress under it and click on it.

Installing WordPress via Softaculous

3. The Softaculous page for WordPress will appear. Click on the Install button.

Installing WordPress via Softaculous

4. The WordPress Installation page will appear.

Installing WordPress via Softaculous

In the Software Setup section, fill in the following information:

  • Choose the version you want to install
  • Choose Installation URL

When you are in Choose Installation URL, have a look at the field above In Directory towards the right of the page. This is where you will write the name of the directory where you want to install WordPress.

Installing WordPress via Softaculous

5. In Site Settings, enter the Site Name and Site Description that you want for your website. Leave Enable Multisite (WPMU) unchecked.

6. In Admin Account, type in the following details for your website:

  • Admin Username
  • Admin Password
  • Admin Email

7. In Choose Language, choose English or your preferred language from the dropdown list next to Select Language.

8. In Select Plugin(s), tick the checkboxes for Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer) and Classic Editor. Leave the checkbox for wpCentral – Manage Multiple WordPress unchecked.

9. In Advanced Options, you will be able to configure the following:

  • Database Name
  • Table Prefix
  • Disable Update Notifications Emails
  • Auto Upgrade
  • Auto Upgrade WordPress Plugins
  • Auto Upgrade WordPress Themes
  • Backup Location
  • Automated backups
  • Backup Rotation

10. In Select Theme, you can choose a theme for your website.

11. Click on the Install button and wait for the installation to complete.