How to Create an Arrow in GIMP (Workaround)

Creating an arrow in GIMP is particularly challenging for new users. Some tutorials recommend the use of a plugin to create an arrow. This article will teach you a workaround to create an arrow for your design project.
1. Go to Material Design Icons and type in arrow in the search field.

2. A selection of arrows will appear. Click on the one that you like to use.

3. The window for the icon will appear. Go to the Icon Package button at the bottom-right corner of the window and click on it.

4. A dropdown list will appear. Choose .SVG Optimized to download the .svg version of the icon.

5. Go to GIMP and open the .svg file.

6. The Render Scalable Vector Graphics window will appear. Replace the values for the width and height.

7. Click OK.

Changing the Icon Color

1.Select the Color Tool (or press Shift+O at the same time).

2. Click on the .svg icon. Make sure you click on the icon itself and not on the transparent background.

3. Click on the active foreground color in the Main Toolbox on the left.

4. The Change Foreground Color window will appear. Select the color that you want to use.

5. Click OK.

6. Click on the Bucket Fill Tool (or press Shift+B simultaneously).

7. Click on the .svg icon again.