British English to American English Translation (M-R)

The English language is no doubt the international language of business, diplomacy, and technology. The top two variants of the language that are widely spoken at the international level are the UK English and the US English. Like any dialects of any language, these two standardized dialects have their differences. These differences range from usage preference to total difference.

This translation list should be taken as a guide rather than a strict rule. While there are differences between British English and American English, it’s still the same language. These two variants have more similarities than differences. They constantly influence each other. Also, language changes over time.

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British American
mackintosh, mac(k) raincoat
mad crazy
mad (adjective) a madman (noun)
made redundant laid off
maize corn
managing director CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
mangetout snow pea
manoeuvre maneuver
mark (school) grade (school)
market garden truck farm
marquee party tent
marshalling yard railroad yard
marvellous marvelous
mashed potato mashed potatoes
match game
maths math
matt – a non-glossy surface

matte – a filmmaking technique

matte – a non-glossy surface; a filmmaking technique
meagre meager
mean selfish
mediaeval medieval
meeting room business suite
memorise memorize
mess about mess around
metalled road paved road
metre meter
millilitre milliliter
millimetre millimeter
milometer odometer
minced meat ground meat
mind watch out for
minim (music) half note (music)
minimise minimize
Minister for; Ministry for Minister of; Ministry of
mixed (school) coed (school)
mobile (phone) number cell(phone) number
mobile phone cell phone
modelling modeling
mollusc mollusk
Monday to Friday Monday through Friday;

Mondays to Fridays

monkey tricks monkeyshines
monkey-like monkeyish
monologue monologue (common spelling), monolog
moot = debatable moot = irrelevant
mortuary morgue
most typical bird: sparrow most typical bird: robin
motor car (formal) automobile (formal)
motorbike motorcycle
motorway highway
mould mold
moustache mustache
Mr; Mrs Mr. ; Mrs.
much the most difficult bit by far the hardest part
muffler (clothes) scarf
multistorey car park multilevel parking garage
mum; mummy mom; mommy


British American
nail varnish nail polish
nappy diaper
national insurance number social security number
needlecord pinwale
neighbour neighbor
news presenter news anchor
newsreader newscaster
nightdress nightgown
No Flyposting Post No Bills
no one, no-one no one
nobbled clobbered
normality normalcy
not on (informal) unacceptable or improper
not touch something with a bargepole not touch something with a ten-foot pole
notice board bulletin board
nought nothing (sports), zero (technical)
noughts and crosses tic-tac-toe
noviciate novitiate
number plate, registration plate license plate
nursery school kindergarten


British American
odour odor
oestrogen estrogen
off-licence liquor store; package store
offence (noun) offense (noun)
Oh, bother! (when annoyed) Oh, shoot! (when annoyed)

Damn it! (when annoyed)

on about (informal) talking about
on queue in line
on tow in tow, under tow
one-off one-time
onwards onward
open your book at page open your book to page
opencast mining open-pit mining
ordinary share common stock
organise organize
orientate (verb) orient (verb)
orthopaedic orthopedic
ouster – eviction from a property ouster – removal from public office
outhouse – a small building near the main building (e.g. a barn, a shed) outhouse – outside toilet facility
outside Britain outside of America
outstanding in something outstanding at something
oven glove oven mitt
overheads (business operation) overhead (business operation)
overtaking lane passing lane


British American
P45 Pink Slip
pack of cigarettes packet of cigarettes
packet of crisps bag of chips
paddling pool kiddie pool, wading pool
paediatric pediatric
paediatrician pediatrician
paediatrics pediatrics
paedophile pedophile
pants underpants, men’s underwear
paracetamol acetaminophen
paraffin kerosene
paralyse paralyze
parcel package
parlour parlor
parting (hair) part
patience (game) solitaire (game)
patronise patronize
pavement sidewalk
pay packet pay envelope
peckers up spirits up
peckish hungry (slightly)
pedlar peddler
pelmet valance
penalty to penalty shot to
pepper bell pepper
per cent percent
pet hate pet peeve
petrol fuel; gasoline (short term: gas)
petrol bomb Molotov cocktail
petrol station gas station, gasoline station
phone box phone booth
phoney phony
physiotherapy physical therapy
pinny pinafore, apron
pissed (drunk)

(UK: pissed off = irritated)

wasted (drunk)

US: pissed = annoyed; angry

(US: pissed off = irritated)

(playing) pitch

UK: field = a piece of land in the country where animals are raised and plants are grown.

(playing) field
pitta bread pita bread
plain chocolate dark chocolate
plain flour all-purpose flour
plaster band-aid
pleaded pleaded, pled
Please mind the gap when alighting from the train. Please watch your step when you get off the train.
plough plow
pocket money allowance
podgy pudgy
police cops, police
polo neck turtleneck
polystyrene styrofoam
polythene polyethylene
pop my clogs kick the bucket
porridge oatmeal, porridge
positive discrimination affirmative action
post mail
by post by mail
postal vote absentee ballot
postbox, letter box, pigeonhole mailbox
postcode zip code
postman mailman, mail carrier, letter carrier
pot plant potted plant
pound sign – £ pound sign – #
power cut power outage
power point electrical outlet
practise (verb) practice (verb)
pram (perambulator) baby carriage
prawn shrimp
premium rate phone number: 0898 number (oh eight nine eight number) premium rate phone number: 900 number; 1-900 number
press stud snap
press-ups push-ups
pretence (noun) pretense (noun)
price increase

UK: hike = a walk in the country

price hike
prise prize, pry
prised wrenched
private soldier GI
profiterole cream puff
programme  (TV) show (TV)
programme; program (software-related) program
property real estate
proved (past perfect) proven (past perfect)
pub bar
public school (but not all of them) private school
puddings desserts
punchbag punching bag
punter gambler
pushchair, buggy (baby) stroller
put (or stick) your oar in but it won’t make a ha’porth of difference to put your two penn’orth (or tuppence worth) in put your two cents (or two cents’ worth) in
put a spanner in the works throw a (monkey) wrench in(to) (a situation)
put someone through connect someone or transfer someone’s call
pyjamas pajamas
pylon utility pole


British American
quantity surveyor estimator
quarrelling; quarrelled quarreling; quarreled
quaver (music) eighth note (music)
queer (peculiar) funny
queue line
queue line up
quid (pounds) bucks (dollars)
quite = fairly, pretty OR completely, absolutely, entirely (the meaning changes depending on the gradability of the adjective being used) quite = very
quite like somewhat like
quits even


British American
racing car race car
racoon raccoon
racquet (sports equipment) racket (sports equipment)
railway railroad
railway carriage railroad car
railway station train station
railway track railroad track
rained off rained out
rapeseed oil canola oil
rasher bacon (a thin slice)
ratcatcher rodent operative
rateable ratable
ray of sunlight chink of sunlight
read something at university; read for something major in something in college
real tennis court tennis
realise realize
reception front desk
recognise recognize
recorded delivery certified mail
relevance relevancy
remould (tyre) retread
return (ticket) round-trip (ticket)
reverse charge call collect call
reversing lights back-up lights
revise study
revision (for an exam) review (for an exam)
revision practices study habits
revision timetables study schedules
right-angled triangle right triangle
ring (up), phone, call call, phone
ring road beltway, freeway, highway loop
(pay) rise (pay) raise
roast chicken rotisserie chicken
rocket arugula
round around
(a)round the bend/twist mentally challenged
roundabout (at a fair) carousel, merry-go-round
roundabout (road) traffic circle, roundabout (road)
rounders wiffle ball
rowing arguing
rowing boat rowboat
rub out erase
rubber eraser

US: rubber = condom (slang)

rubbish garbage
rubbish trash
rubbish bin trash can
rucksack backpack, knapsack
rumour rumor
runner bean, string bean string bean

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