American English to British English Translation (G-L)

The English language is no doubt the international language of business, diplomacy, and technology. The top two variants of the language that are widely spoken at the international level are the US English and the UK English. Like any dialects of any language, these two standardized dialects have their differences. These differences range from usage preference to total difference.

This translation list should be taken as a guide rather than a strict rule. While there are differences between American English and British English, it’s still the same language. These two variants have more similarities than differences. They constantly influence each other. Also, language changes over time.

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American British
gambler punter
game match
gangway aisle
garbage rubbish
garbage can dustbin
garbage collector dustman
garbage truck dustcart
garden hose hosepipe
gas pedal (on a car) accelerator (on a car)
gas station, gasoline station petrol station
gasoline (short term: gas) petrol
gearshift gear-lever
gelatin gelatine
German shepherd Alsatian
GI private soldier
Girl Scout Girl Guide
glycerin glycerine
go ballistic do his/her nut
I’ll go buy some bread. I’ll go and buy some bread.
go drastically wrong go pear-shaped
good for you good on you (congratulations)
gotten (past perfect of get) got (past perfect of get)
grab bag lucky dip
grade (school) mark (school)
grade crossing, railroad crossing level crossing
granddad grandad
gray grey
green onion, scallion spring onion
green thumb green fingers
griffin gryphon
grilled cheese cheese toastie
grits semolina
grocery shopping food shopping
ground (electrical) earth (electrical)
ground floor, first floor ground floor
ground meat minced meat
ground wire earth wire
groundskeeper groundsman
guardrail crash barrier
guy bloke, chap
gynecologist; gynecology gynaecologist; gynaecology


American British
half note (music) minim (music)
half step (music) semitone (music)
half-staff, half-mast half-mast
hallway corridor
ham gammon
hamburger restaurants hamburger bars
hand puppet glove puppet
hang around hang about
hang up (a phone) hang up (a phone), ring off
harbor harbour
harbor seal common seal
hard cider cider
has the best grades among the students in his/her year level comes top of the year
hatch something in hatch something out in
hatrack hatstand
hauler haulier
have been accepted (at school, at university) have a place (at school, at university)
hazard pay danger money
a head of lettuce a lettuce
headband hairband, Alice band
headcheese brawn (food)
hemorrhage haemorrhage
heavy cream double cream
high beam (car) full beam (car)
highway motorway
hoagie baguette
hobo = bum (vagrant)

tramp = hooker (prostitute)

bum = hobo (vagrant)

hobo = tramp (vagrant)

tramp = hobo (vagrant)

bum = buttocks

hockey = ice hockey hockey = field hockey
hodgepodge hotchpotch
a hole in the wall = an inconspicuous restaurant a hole in the wall = ATM
a home away from home a home from home
homey homely
honor honour
hood (car) bonnet (car)
hook up with someone get off with someone
hope chest bottom drawer
horseback riding horse riding
in the hospital (as a patient) in hospital
hot (good looking) dishy (good looking)
hot flash hot flush
hot sauce chili sauce
housing development, subdivision housing estate
housing project council estate
How are you? How are you? / Are you all right?
humor humour
hungry (slightly) peckish
hydroplane aquaplane


American British
I don’t care which one.

Either is fine.

I don’t mind. – This doesn’t make sense to some Americans.

I don’t care. – This is considered rude by some North Americans.

I don’t mind.
I’m crazy about something. I’m mad about something.
I’m good. I’m fine/well.
ice pop ice lolly
increase/decrease to Y from X increase/decrease from X to Y
ICU (Intensive Care Unit) Intensive Care
industrial park trading estate, industrial estate
inquiry (a request for information, distinct from formal investigation) enquiry
inseam inside leg
installment instalment
installment plan hire purchase
instant replay action replay
intersection, crossroads (rural) crossroads
inventory stock
ionize ionise
iron chandelier candelabra
Italian ice water ice


American British
jail jail, gaol
jello (fruity wobbly pudding) jelly
jelly jam
jelly beans jelly babies
jelly roll Swiss roll
jerk bugger
jewelry jewellery
Joe Blow Joe Bloggs
John Q. Public Joe Public
judgment judgement, judgment (legal text)
jump rope skipping rope
jumper pinafore dress
jumper cable jump lead
juniors (high school students) year 12
the john (toilet) the loo (toilet)


American British
karat carat
kerosene paraffin
kick the bucket pop my clogs
kiddie pool paddling pool
Kids, get on the sidewalk. Children, get on the path.
kilometer kilometre
kindergarten nursery school
kitchen sideboard kitchen dresser
knapsack, backpack rucksack
knickers = shorts; knickerbockers knickers = panties; knickerbockers
knock on wood touch wood
knock up – to impregnate unintentionally (slang) knock up – to awaken by knocking


American British
labor labour
labor union trade union
ladybug ladybird
laid off made redundant
laundromat laundrette
lawn bowling bowls
lawn, yard garden
lawyer; attorney solicitor; barrister
lay of the land lie of the land
layer cake sandwich cake
learn something by heart learn something off by heart
leaned leant
learned learnt
legal holiday bank holiday
letters A through Z letters A to Z
leukemia leukaemia
leverage (finance) gearing (finance)
liability insurance third-party insurance
license (noun) licence (noun)
license plate number plate, registration plate
licorice liquorice
lie around lie about
a new lease on life a new lease of life
likable likeable
line queue
line up queue
in line on queue
wait in line join a queue
liquor spirits
liquor cabinet drinks cupboard
liquor store; package store off-licence
liter litre
living room sitting room
locker room changing room
logorrhea; logorrheic logorrhoea; logorrhoeic
lollipop lolly
looking out the window looking out of the window
lopsided wonky
lost and found lost property
lost to view lost from view
louver louvre
lumber timber
luster lustre

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